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Because it’s not all Dancing Deer and Butterflies

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“Well, the spiritual journey is not all dancing deer and butterflies”. Seems we are often reminding ourselves of this. If we are really honest, sometimes the spiritual path feels like trudging through a dense forest rather than tiptoeing through the tulips. Turns out that it takes courage to walk this path, as well as a good dose of commitment, dedication, responsibility and integrity. In short, it takes work. Full stop. However…that doesn’t mean we haven’t learned a couple of shortcuts along the way that are the culinary equivalent to a microwave dinner (only with much tastier results). Here is a first sample.


You’re familair with affirmations? Well, a code is a mathematical affirmation. When you say a code out loud, you are vibrating your energetic structure with a specific energy. Your energetic structure (your matrix) is mathematically encoded and therefore responds to numeric codes. When you say: 3 (pause) 23 you are clearing your field of negative thoughts and emotions. And, like an affirmation, the more you repeat this code (this one is courtesy of our friends at ish-a-tah) the better you feel. Isn’t that wonderful?  Don’t just take our word for it though, try it yourself and see what you experience. Oh, and if you really want to shoot to the top of the class, breathe in after saying 23. Ok, off you go! And remember to drop us a line or leave us a comment, we love hearing about your experiences!

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