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The First of Our Favourite Things

Oprah does it and so do we…here starts the list of our favourite, make life easier things, that we actually use and love.

Sacred Cubit Environmental Harmonizer

Light-Life™ Technology Tools

These tools were originally invented by a fellow named Slim Spurling, and the  Colorado company continues to be run by his lovely wife Katharina. Here was a brilliant man who was able, like all inventors, tap into the infinite field of information. He created rings, coils and harmonizers based on ancient and sacred ratios. The tools are made to create a precise harmonic resonance which impacts the surrounding energy field. The same way a bouquet of flower can impact the look and feel of a room, these tools impact the energy around them with the volume turned way up! Observations of the effects of these tools include the clearing of environmental pollution, computer radiation reduction, water improvement and personal energy enhancement.

We have several of these wonderful gadgets spread throughout our office and we absolutely love them. We especially get a lot of questions about the Environmental Harmonizer because everyone loves to be around it. It sits in a room in our office space where we do a lot of counseling with others, and this little baby really anchors that space with a peaceful and positive energy.

Of course, there has been a lot of research done on Light-Life™ Technology and for those of you who are information junkies like us, it is available in the  book Slim Spurling’s Universe by Cal Garrison and on Light-Life™ Technologies website.

More PL Favourites

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