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Savandah (sa•van•dah) is an angelic word. One of the amazing things about angelic words is that it is not possible for these words to be misunderstood or misinterpreted…very different than our language where one word can have several meanings, angelic words are pure, based in music, are very high vibration and have a crystal clear meaning. I share this word with you because it is quite frankly miraculous.

The word “savandah” will instantly take you back to your creation, not to your birth, but to the original spark of your divine creation. This is your divine center-a quiet center of your place of stillness. Your divine center carries the remembrance of the perfection of who you are. This word reminds you of all these things as well as your life’s purpose or mission.

When you say this word out loud you can access its energy. The first time that you say “savandah” you will clear and strengthen your entire energy field. You will have eliminated all  low vibration energies, as well as disconnecting all energies which are not love. It will remove any shadows that were existing in your energy as well any emotions which did not belong to you. Your field will be strengthened so that nothing can penetrate which is not love.

The second time that you say “savandah” you will instantly align and balance your entire chakra circulation system.

The third utterance balances all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

The energy of Savandah is gentle and beautiful and is transmitted to all persons in your life. It will serve to show them the light in you and in doing so will remind them of their own divine light…no matter how deeply it would appear to be buried.

You will love this! If you wish to share your experience you may do so here. Or, if you have any questions we are pleased to be of assistance, just send us an email.

There is more information on these words as well as a guided mediation exercises that will assist you in adding these words into a daily practice can be found the Pure Leadership Book Series.

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