Your Light Bodies-The 99% of You that is Unseen   1 comment

Illustration of your Light Bodies

From Rediscovering Who You Really Are-Chapter 17

One percent of you is the visible light that we can see. We wish to discuss the ninety-nine percent of you that is unseen.  You actually have more than 100,000 light bodies. These bodies include your spirit, your emotional body, your mental body, and your etheric body. Just as your physical body is made up of cells, your light bodies are made up of cells too. These cells think, they have their own consciousness and nervous system. Your light bodies can grow. As you’re increasing your vibration you are retaining light, and retaining light makes various light bodies larger and more powerful. A simple expression comes to mind to help you put this non physical you into context. We’re all spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth; we are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  Put another way, you’re not a physical being generating consciousness. You are consciousness creating your physical being and experiences.

An overview of some of your different Light Bodies:

Etheric Body

Mental Body

Emotional Body

Ego Filter


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