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Here’s some truth about statin drugs

By now we are all familiar with Big Pharma’s profit-inspired drive to get children and vital young adults vaccinated against H1N1 virus attacks.  How many of us are familiar with Big Pharma’s drive to create what they call statin therapy under the guise of better health?  Patents on statin drugs like rosuvastatin (sold as Crestor) expire.  Big Pharma is trying to find ways to secure market share before that happens.  We’re happy to report that the Big Pharma claims statins prevent heart attack and stroke have been proven false.   Remember, the vibration of the planet is rising and all of us are as well.  You can improve your health with clear intention (eating natural foods, drinking lots of water etc etc also help 🙂 but you can even control the impact of poor choices!!)

The really great news is that truth will out more and more often as we move through transition to Homo Luminous and we’ll be seeing bogus information exposed in more locations more often.  To read more about the latest truths regarding statins, check out the Pure News Network article.

Posted November 26, 2010 by Pure Leadership in Pure Leadership News

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