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UN Climate Conference – Day Two

We know that there is no reason to fear the shifts in climate that are underway on Earth.  The Earth is rising in vibration just as we are and so the Earth is cleansing herself in many ways.  These methods  included the birthing and growth of new crystals and the upwelling of H2O2 in the mid-Atlantic Rift for example.  So while the UN Climate Conference is interesting, its true value is the synchronistic opportunity for the world to recognize the role of the indigenous and Earth Keepers and for the indigenous to step forward and assume that responsibility in an overt and active way.

As the UN climate conference moves to its second day, thousands of indigenous peoples and peasant farmers are travelling in caravans towards the Mexican Riviera conference location.  They are due to converge on Dec. 7.  Plans by the Earth Keepers to push an agenda focused on Mother Earth, and not national economies, is likely going to involve peaceful protests.  To read coverage on this globally important gathering of Earth Keepers and governments from around the world and the four primary objectives of the indigenous delegates, just click Pure News Network.

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