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Boundaries-Who Knew? Kandis Twa

Ok, so now that we have shared a little bit about who you really are from the perspective of your Light Bodies. I would like to share with you what this information has meant to me. One person, one perspective, from someone who is constantly learning. In essence, once I grasped the concept that I am more than just my

physical body what kinds of lessons – in a fall down and scrap your knee kind of way-have I learned about a topic called boundaries.

First of all a little background. What was most important for me to realize is that, we are much more than just your finite physical body….much more. You have several energetic bodies that extend well beyond the surface of your skin out hundreds of feet or even miles. These are the bodies that are processing information that I used to call epiphanies, intuition, and knowingness. What and how these specific things occur is actually much different, but you get the idea. Here is an example, you walk into a room full of people, see someone you have never meet on the opposite side of the room, and you instantly say to yourself ‘wow, that person has great energy, I would love to talk to them!’. Well, how do you know this? You have never met this person before. You didn’t have to go up to this person and actually touch them (which would be awkward) to get any information, you just knew. If you were just your physical body you would not be able to get this information. Well, in fact, you are field of information, a sophisticated field of energy, constantly gathering and exchanging information. We did several posts on your different Light Bodies, where you can read more about this concept.  For those of you who have got this one, read on!

Yup, you are a field. Picture lying in a huge wheat field that stretches as far as you can see, and  so the fence posts of who you are do not end with your physical body but rather stretch out to the limit of your spiritual body. So when we talk about you, where we stake the fence posts on what comprises you is very large.  Huge, in fact you are a great big spirit and everything that is going on in your field, is a much you as the activities going on inside your liver cells. Ok, great news there is more to you than you have been lead to believe, but just like the farmer who inherits more land knows, this means more responsibility.

Responsibility in the sense that there is more of you to be aware of and responsible for than you might have realized. Certainly more than I ever realized. More about my graceful and sometimes not so graceful realizations on this topic to come…

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  1. I look forward to hearing more

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