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Sound as a Therapy Tool

Sound healing therapies deserve to be included as part of an individual’s personal healing health practise.  That requires being conscious of sound.  Sound lies at the heart of creation and at the heart of our physicality. So, it is our individual responsibility to use sound consciously just as it is to use thought consciously.

At PNN, we play through more than 30 of Nicole LaVoie’s Sound Wave Energy frequency cd’s on a dedicated sound system.  We play the cd’s sequentially and constantly so everyone on staff can gain the benefit of those frequencies as their individual physical needs require.

You could define sound healing as the intentional use of sound or music to bring about enhanced states of wellness in your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual being. We know sound is the vibrational nature of our human structure.  For example, in Rediscovering Who You Really Are it is explained this way: “In the sub-quantum world there’s a particle called the adamantine particle.  Sound causes this particle to vibrate, which vibrates strings within your atomic structure thereby changing the structure of the nucleus of your atoms.  This means that sound, including your voice, can transmute atomic structures and as your cells are made of atoms, you can change your cells, including your DNA, with your voice.”

These are basically the same conclusions, though refined by Malcolm, ancient mystics have shared with us for thousands of years.  The nature of the cosmos is vibration.  All is Sound. (Jas Malcolm explains the nature of balance and sound in Book III of the Pure Leadership trilogy – Change is Natural.)

If all is sound, that would also mean the thought that the whole Earth is a song should no longer be considered untrue. To read the full article click this link to the Pure News Network.

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