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Africa can Feed Itself in One Generation

Validating the conclusions in the Pure Leadership book series is so much fun and so exciting!  Not so long ago, just months ago even, the examples we could find and review on the Pure News Network were few and far between.  Now they seem to be popping up everywhere.  For instance, following a lead on a meeting of African leaders in Tanzania, we came across the announcement of a Harvard study.  Now, while we don’t agree with the ‘means’ by which the researchers claim Africa will push out of povery consciousness, we see it does support and validate what has been predicted in the trilogy.

According to a study led by Harvard University professor Calestous Juma, Africa is capable of generating enough food to feed its population and could do so within the span of one lifetime with the proper encouragement.

“Africa can feed itself,” says professor Calestous Juma. “And it can make the transition from hungry importer to self-sufficiency in a single generation.”

The study claims planting new crops that are resistant to heat, droughts or floods and providing more and better support for small-scale farmers are two keys to success.  PNN has not been able to determine who has funded the study.  However, the call for the use of genetically modified seeds in this miraculous agricultural turn around ought to offer a hint.

Nonetheless, we think the shifts in collective consciousness that are impelling us through the transition to homo luminous will make this happen.  It won’t be because the world turns control over of who grows what and where to companies like Monsanto.  Outcomes like those described in this study will result with the formation of community-inspired self-government, and the development of cooperative ways to share foodstuffs efficiently and affordably, not just because genetically modified seeds get planted.  There is a whole web of other factors that will conspire and build a field of abundance consciousness for Africa.  They include things like free energy breakthroughs for example.  We’re predicting that self-sufficiency in agriculture for the African peoples will happen soon and it will happen because our collective consciousness has determined the time for that has arrived.

A state of poverty consciousness has held Africa back energetically.  Today, about 70 percent of Africans are involved in agriculture but almost 250 million people, or a quarter of the population of the poorest continent, are undernourished. The number has risen by 100 million since 1990. Thankfully that is all changing.

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