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Location of the Ego Filter (can be a thin or thick layer of fog)

The fourth installment from our series on Your Light Bodies

Your Mental and Emotional Bodies are contained in your Ego filter, which starts a couple of inches from your  body and may extend up to 80 feet. The density of your Ego filter is not constant. It is continually adjusting.  Think of it as a fog surrounding your body that can get thinner or thicker. This filter enables you to feel a separation from others. If there was no separation, you couldn’t learn as an individual, you’d be merged with everyone else. You’d also know what all your past life experiences were, so you may be reluctant to engage in new learning experiences. So your Ego gives you the essence of individuality in order for you to learn.

The Ego does present some challenges. It accesses patterns form the Mental Body and looks to solve problems, but it doesn’t actually care about consequences.  However, your Ego is intelligent and it wants to survive, so if you push it too hard by trying to get by it, it’ll create problems to slow you down. It hates change. It is your comfort zone.

In the coming days we will provide some simple ways to address the challenges of this body.

From Rediscovering Who You Really Are p.243-244, by Jas Malcolm

Posted December 6, 2010 by Pure Leadership in From PL books

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