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Lessons I am Learning-Kandis Twa

We all know about limits when it comes to our physical bodies, and we are pretty good at being responsible for these bodies. We are cognizant that what we eat, drink and allow into our bodies will impact us. Most of us are becoming better and better at taking care of the physical, however, your physical body is only a very small piece of the real estate that is you. It is important to have an awareness of and take care of all of you. Because you are responsible (whether you know it or not) for everything that comes into your field of energy.  Now, this is not an unfamiliar concept. We hear about taking care of our spiritual selves, mentally and emotionally, but what does that actually mean? It sounds good, and it is correct, but let’s put some meat on the bones, because if I am going to be responsible for me (all of me), then I need to know where I end and another person begins. This is called a boundary.

Boundaries are important aren’t they? They establish what goes where, what stays inside, and what stays outside. They indicate a limit. Where oh where are our boundaries? Where have we put the fence posts of who we are? If someone violates a physical boundary, then there are well established consequences about that.  However, what do you do if someone violates your energetic boundaries? (If you have had that uncomfortable conversation with a ‘close talker’ you know what I am talking about 🙂 ). Did you even know that you had these boundaries or that you were responsible for establishing them? If you are a field of information, and you are then, you must establish boundaries. Because in the end you are responsible for what goes in to your field and what goes out. And just like a good farmer knows, there is no sense being upset that the cows got out of the field if you never bothered to put up a fence.

Ok, so boundaries are important, and we all have a sense of how we would like to be treated and interact with others. But here is the thing, about boundaries, there was no class when I was in school that instructed me in the art of gracefully setting and establishing boundaries. Therefore, I didn’t even have the foggiest notion about what a boundary was or that it was even ok to establish one. I learned rules, for sure like; take turns, don’t take something that is not yours, and raise your hand if you would like to be heard.  But no information about what to do if someone hurts my feelings, made me feel unsafe or pressured. No idea, not a clue what to do. We have many kids at school that are bullied every day. Are they having their physical boundaries violated? Not all of them, but they are having their larger boundaries violated every day. So what does it look like in someone’s energy field when they have their boundaries violated? It looks like a great big tear, and eventually a person’s field will look like a war zone. Full of holes and tears. Not so good, right? Well, the good news is that a person’s field does repair quite easily, but prevention is the best medicine as they say.

Stay tuned for more about what I have learned as I’ve bumped along this path…

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  1. Good thoughts to be aware of.

    kae aware ofrynlyle

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