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Your Auric Field and Boundaries-Kandis Twa

When someone has their boundaries violated,what does it look like in their energy field?

It looks like an explosion. You may understand this as holes in the auric field, and so it looks like a war zone. So, instead of these beautiful, waving fillagrees of waving light moving in all directions, they have a great big hole blasted through it. Sometimes many holes and everything looks shredded. If this field goes for a long time with out being repaired then you become very tired, you become anxious and you can even become deeply depressed and you just don’t want to do anything.

We can take a picture of this with a device called a GDV camera (Gas Discharge Visualization), which is being used in plenty of research here in North America for studying the human bio-field. What you see in the picture on the left is of a energy field that has not been repaired. The good news is that it does repair really quite easily (stay tuned for some techniques on how to do this in the Spiritual Toolbox section). When it has been repaired, the tears are gone, the picture of the energy is nice and solid and clear. Looking like the picture on the right. Notice the differences.

Repair is great, but I am working on prevention…more on those trials and tribulations coming up!

Boundaries-Part One

Boundaries-Part Two

Boundaries-Part Three

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Posted December 9, 2010 by Kandis Twa in Boundaries, Kandis Twa

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