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Musical Instruments Create Overtones and Undertones

The Pure Leadership book series goes to great lengths to detail the sub-quantum world and offer proof that you and everything in the universe is made up of sound.

The fundamental science is the science of harmonics.

In the sub-quantum world there’s a particle called the adamantine particle.   Sound causes this particle to vibrate, which vibrates strings within your atomic structure thereby changing the structure of the nucleus of your atoms. This means that sound, including your voice, can transmute atomic structures and as your cells are made of atoms, you can change your cells, including your DNA, with your voice.

As Jas says, “you are music living in a musical universe.”

Several years ago, mathematician Barbara Hero, helped to create a sound synthesizer she calls the Pythagorean Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard (PLHK). The keyboard works with a computer to generate any sound frequency you may wish as a key note. Each key produces two different notes (undertone and overtone) simultaneously, one through each stereo speaker.  We think its function corroborates some of our information on sound very well.  We offer more background at Science>News on the Pure News Netwwork website.  Access the article and a video of Barbara as well.

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