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Strike Taken Against Genetically Modified Seeds

Judge Jeffrey White of San Francisco, a US federal court judge, has ordered Monsanto to destroy genetically modified (GM) sugar beets.  Monsanto has vowed to appeal.

The Pure Leadership books has numerous references to the inadvisability of eating sugar.  White refined sugar is an incomplete food so consuming it actually takes energy out of you!

Jas Malcolm’s comments in Rediscovering Who You Really Are include this explanation:

“Everything is of sound and light, so the refined sugar is imbalanced (disharmonious) sound with associated light. This disharmony will cause the vibration of the body to fall. As you know, falling vibration means falling awareness. In order to preserve itself, the body will take some of its original store of Life Force Energy, which is complete energy containing all sound and all light and the essence of your life, and break it down to provide the white sugar the frequencies it requires to become a neutral, non-disharmonious sound.The breakdown of, and consumption of your Life Force Energy is the consumption of your life. This is why eating imbalanced foods shortens your life span. Now breathe in and reflect upon that for a moment. People may misinform you, but no one forces you to be ill-informed and shorten your life. Be aware and become responsible and accountable for your own life. Choose your relationship with Life Force Energy.”

Read more on this topic and the full article in Self Station>Health>Food>Growing at the Pure News Network.  To read the full article visit this news page.


Posted December 9, 2010 by Pure Leadership in Pure Leadership News

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