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Christmas is a magical time of year however it can also be an extremely challenging time of year for many of us.  Why is this, and why do we seem to lose the magic of Christmas that we know is at the heart of the season?

We celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of the prophet Jesus Christ.  And while we know that Jesus was actually born somewhere closer to March or April, this time of year is still very special. Every year as we come to the end of our calendar cycle the Earth is also completing a cycle. Each year as the Earth completes its annual orbit around the sun it resets its energy. Similarly, every cell within your body also resets its energy on the new year. As we approach this time of year each one of us is in the last stages of a cycle of integration. We are integrating all of the changes we have experienced over the year in preparation for a new beginning.  It is really worth a moment to reflect on the year that you have had and all of the differences in your life over the last year. You are integrating all of that right now.  With this piece of information you can see that everyone has a lot going on!

As the Earth is rising in vibration and resetting itself at a higher and higher level annually, we similarly experience an elevation in our own vibration. As this occurs any low vibration thoughts, feelings or beliefs within us rise quickly to the surface. And sometimes rise to the surface in a big way. Now you can see why everyone’s stuff comes up at Christmas, and why it can be a challenging time to be with family. Compounded by the fact that as children many of us had experiences of disappointment, obligation or expectation associated with the holidays. Well, all the beliefs we created around those experiences come up as well. All of these factors can contribute to chaos stirred up in your life or the lives of those around you at this time of year.

You can see how helpful it is to have a daily practice of meditation or yoga, or whatever else allows to disconnect from the drama and reconnect to spirit. Cultivating that connection will allow you to easily recognize and celebrate the miracles of the season.  It is, after all a time to celebrate. Celebrate yourselves and all that you have learned this year, all the ways that you have grown. Celebrate everyone in your life and know that they are doing the very best that they can. Celebrate your life and all that it has been and all that it will be in a new year to come.


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  1. An excellent reminder of why chaos particularly occurs at the end of the year – thanks!

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