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Cutting Back on Salt will Help Diabetics

A research group has shows that diabetics can avoid kidney disease just by slightly lowering the amount of table salt they injest. At Pure Leadership, we recognize the need for certain salts in our diet if we drink proper amounts of water. And, we know about the dangers of consuming too much of the wrong kinds of salts, as was illustrated by Dr. Max Gerson’s work. Dr. Gerson developed a potassium mixture that would re-balance the chemistry of your cells. It was his observation that many people consume too much table salt and that salt gets into the cells and doesn’t come out.

Now a study by the Cochrane Collaboration Renal Group agrees with that contention and suggests diabetics can quickly cut blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing kidney disease, simply by cutting back on table salt.  To view the full article visit Self Station>Health>Food>News at the Pure News Network.


Posted December 21, 2010 by Pure Leadership in Pure Leadership News

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