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Well, for a guy who needs thousands of pages to express himself, a brief Christmas message presents an interesting challenge for me. Given the integration challenges of this time of year, as so well reviewed in our previous Christmas note, I believe it appropriate to remind you that you are one of the strongest spirits in the universe.

Integration is not a word, it is an activity, and, as an activity it takes energy.  To assist your integration I recommend that you take a ten minute shower in complete darkness to raise your energy. When in the shower you’re getting a greater benefit from cosmic light as the water transmutes low vibration energy to higher energy. Remember to increase your intake of water because water breaks down memory. Memories that don’t serve you anymore. Integration requires breaking down the old memories.

Integration really is about integrating all of the lessons and experiences of the year. When an experience you’re trying to integrate [perhaps not consciously] bumps up against a limiting low vibration belief  you’re holding onto, you’re apt to generate a clearing which can be both chaotic and equal ‘feel bad’.  It is NOT illness, it is a message to get at the low vibration beliefs. It is at times like this that it is good to remember …

Pure Leadership, as you know from the books and my workshops, is a different type of program. It is NOT a program of ‘self improvement’ and it is NOT about ‘incremental change’.  It’s a program that gives you both the knowledge and tools (exercises) to actually remember who you really are, and who you are is all of beautiful, brilliant and powerful. I reiterate, you are one of the strongest spirits in the universe.

So if you add up all of the integration  that you are going through as well as the activation of childhood belief systems at this time of year… sheesh, that’s a bunch of stuff to rock your world.  So the ten minute shower in the dark I’m suggesting will help lift your life force energy to facilitate these huge changes while you’re enjoying life.  The dark shower puts  higher energy into your field and stabilizes you within the two huge fields: the chaotic consciousness of humanity and the changing Earth.  Take a moment and reflect upon what I’m saying here. Next, congratulate yourself on how well you’re doing. This change that is everywhere is real, not imagined. It is time for you to honor yourself and embrace it. Change is your friend. Celebrate it!


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  1. Merry Christmas Jim!

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