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2010-What the Year Meant

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How did humanity move in 2010? This year humanity made tremendous strides forward towards Homo Luminous.  As humanity moves up towards a higher state of consciousness we all get to enjoy navigating the ‘breakdown’ of the ‘old’ to facilitate the ‘higher new’.  Remember Life + Risk = Joy.

Remember, Homo Luminous is really who you are. For those who feel money challenges, remember in the state of Homo Luminous you will have the ability to manifest food in your hand. Kind of hard to worry about money when you can physically manifest food! For those who face physical challenges, fatigue or sickness, either themselves or their loved ones, it is instructive to remember that the body can only be sick if you believe it can. Illness is a sign of the person being out of their body, usually because of the painful beliefs they’re retaining in their DNA.  So do you want to focus on the external, money challenges and illness [external in that case being virus, bacteria etc] or, instead focus within?

I mention these things because Pure Leadership is all about you looking inward to tap back into the purity that you are.  The purity of courage, the purity of wisdom, the purity of love … and if you’re watching your neighbors [versus the television] you’re seeing evidence all around you of more people doing that.

Notice the smiles, notice how people are less competitive and more cooperative. People returning to doing the things that they’re passionate about [internally driven expression of greatness] rather than contorting themselves to be something they perceive others want them to be [externally driven].

Remember for those who spin ‘fear’ about 2012 that 2012 actually happened in 1998 when 2200 people re-anchored the divine grid back to planet Earth. 2012 has come and gone. Yesterdays news. Only good stuff coming. So 2010 saw much growth, too much to review in a short note, however, on October 27th new energy arrived on Earth and into collective consciousness that has been waiting more than 300 years for humanity’s evolvement. That energy brings in happiness, joy, health, security, safety, love and peace.

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