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A Resolution

Everyone reading this note wants to change their life or they wouldn’t be reading this note. Therefore, in this note you will read that the Earth is changing, and she is changing by the minute. Fear based stuff that we will destroy her is simply silly. She is a huge field and she is regenerating. The good news is that humanity is evolving at a rapid rate with new energies coming into our collective consciousness this year. So that just leaves you. Here my New Year’s message becomes a reminder that until you fully tap back into your spirit, and if you’re not doing something daily to raise your energy, then you can become a small wood chip on the sea.  What is the science behind that statement?

Well it starts with a simple observation. The Earth is a lot larger field of energy than you and she is changing and going up in vibration, daily! As her crystals are continuing to unify and resonate together each month she is shaking up humanity. So humanity is currently in a chaotic node. And what is humanity?  Humanity is part of a collective consciousness that is also a much larger field than you. So if humanity is in a chaotic node and you’re not doing something every day that connects you into the rhythms of the universe and strengthens your field, then you’re apt to be having a challenging time. I honor those wonderful people who chose to leave this year because the energies are becoming too strong for where they were at in their journey.

In Lift the Veils to Reality, my book on the history of consciousness and how you can change yours, I point out that you are entitled to four entitlements: supply, rapture, bliss and love. This means you’re entitled to feel, experience and live all four of these in each and every moment. If you’re not, then return to the exercises of that book. Lack of supply is notice of intestinal challenges [beliefs], an inability to take in the energy that holds your ‘structure’. Lack of rapture is a notice of challenges [beliefs] in your liver, kidneys and spleen and inability to understand your life. Lack of bliss is a notice of challenges [beliefs] associated with your stomach and pancreas, an inability to digest and express your greatness. Lack of love [here I’m meaning connectedness with every living thing] is notice of unprocessed emotions of the heart. So the information I provide is not academic, it is not as simple as saying, just ‘think’ differently. It entails a daily program.

A person does not change by simply reading books or going to workshops. Remembering who you really are is not an incremental exercise where you get some new information and then go on seeking yet more information with more books, hoping your world will change because you know more.  Hope is a very weak energy and it is not a strategy to change.  Homo Luminous is not something you’re going to pick up at the checkout counter in Safeways.   Homo Luminous is not something you can buy online. Homo Luminous is not something that someone can teach you.  Do you think that there are going to be workshops teaching people how to walk on water?  Yet, Homo Luminous is who you are.

You see here at Pure Leadership I envision who you really are.

Homo Luminous and profound change is profound remembering. That is an inward journey. You and I and Santa, well we all fell in vibration. Your daily commitment to change every moment of your day means that you would be committing to change who you have been in this life. Now that is serious change.  For those of you who have taken the workshops but have not been doing your meditation every day, well that is information for you, you’re falling back in vibration. You did started the work towards change, then you stepped aside hoping for an easier way.

A spiritual journey is not some sort of mystical experience. It is knowing that every time you lift up your foot you’re going to put it down in a place different from anywhere you have ever been. It is plugging back into the zero point field, prana, chi, infinite creator.

This is the time of year for two things. Giving of gifts to your loved ones and resolutions for change in your life. Here’s a gift I suggest you can give. Take 15 minutes and make a list of everyone in your life that caused you to feel ‘less than’ [think bankers, parents, real estate agents, store clerks, partners, children, school systems, politicians, figures of authority etc etc] and forgive them. Simply look at each name on the list and then say out loud “[Infinite creator, prana, god, Bob, whatever you’re comfortable with] I hereby forgive x and wish them well on their journey.”  This simple exercise will release the energy that is holding you back and will usher in a much more fun Christmas. Next, how about that resolution?  How about implementing a daily plan of meditative exercises to be a different person, the one that is already inside of you wanting to burst out and express your greatness to the world.

God Bless You, I see that Greatness … How about You?

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