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Feeling Really Good on the Road-Kandis Twa

I love to travel. I love to learn about other people and different cultures. I love to find out all about them. What I didn’t love about traveling was getting sick. It didn’t take long after I landed in a new country before my stomach would hurt or I would start to feel anxious, I had difficulty sleeping. I had always chalked this up to the seemingly normal occurrences of traveling. Jet lag, change of diet…

Here is the interesting thing and again this relates to my many, many, many lesson when it comes to boundaries. When I traveled to a new place I would get so excited and my energy would go out and get connected to everyone and everything. Well, pretty soon I would start to feel in my body what these individuals were feeling. What  I didn’t understand was that I was getting myself energetically connected in. I was like a great big sponge soaking it all in! No wonder I had stomach problems!

So, this is what I do now and it works beautifully.

Every day, and especially when I am traveling and I start to feel any discomfort or anxiety I ask God (or divine creator, whatever work you are comfortable with) to divinely disconnect everyone and everything from me on all levels. Then I imagine collapsing a golden bubble of light around myself (gold light is your life force energy), pulling it in very close so as it sits just on my skin. Now, in my mind I say ‘Thank you God for now surrounding me a white bubble of divine protection’. I imagine it all around me and it works really quite well. White light completely protects your body, emotions and energies from everyone else’s and it is a wonderful thing to do on a daily basis.

I have some more lovely things that help me when I am traveling that I will share, but I wanted to share this one first because it is so helpful for everyday life. Kids really love it too and because they are so good at using their imagination it is  so easy to teach them how they can protect their own energies!

Have fun with this one!

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