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Raw Milk Delivery Gains Victory

Pure News Network has published stories about Community Assisted Agriculture and how it is one more way for each of us to begin to gain more control over the essentials in our lives like the food we eat.  As we make the transition and the transformations continue, developing ways of growing our food, bartering for the things we may not grow and cooperating with our neighbours will become ever more important.  PNN now offers the  equivalent of the CAC coverage with an article on raw milk and the dairy industry.  Recently, dairy farmers won legal battles to be allowed to sell raw milk to their customers through something called a “cowshare”.   To gain the dietary advantages of unpasteurized milk, groups of people have banded together to share the cost of raising, milking and distributing their own raw milk.  The raw milk movement is alive and well in many states of the US and provinces Canada.  Read about it and how to contact the nearest cowshare here.  There are also two video presentations you can view embedded within this article.  Just click on the video stills to load them up.

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