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A Sunburst-the fourth sign of a miracle

How to Recognize When a Miracle is on its Way-Kandis Twa

I saw the Dali Lama on television last night and he was talking about one of my very favourite subjects. Miracles. He said that “a miracle is anything that is unexpected”. You can probably recall days where you notice miracles all around you. Your coffee is especially tasty or parking spots magically open up for you. Coincidences are not coincidences but miracles. Some of you know already that there are actually four universal signs of a miracle.

The first one is a feather. A feather that is right there on the ground as you are walking. Almost like it has been put there just for you to see. This is a sign that miracles are happening all around you, so pay attention and acknowledge coincidences.

The second sign is when a bird darts in front of your path. You might be walking, or driving in a car, or looking out a window when a bird flies quickly in front of you. Almost startling. This means that a miracle is imminent. A big miracle that you asked for is ready for you to receive.

The third sign is a rainbow, and it doesn’t have to be shining from horizon to horizon to count! A picture of a rainbow, a bumper sticker, or reflected in a window all mean that a miracle is happening in your life. It may take a little longer in divine timing before it fully manifests, but think of it as a sign to hang in there. It is a sign of encouragement telling you that you are doing the right things.

The fourth sign is a sunburst. When a sunbeam is peering out from behind a cloud and reaches out to the earth it is a sign that a miracle which is in alignment with your life’s purpose is imminent.

So those are the four signs of a miracle. I loved this information so much when I first came across it that I probably spent a month wandering around with my camera taking pictures of rainbow and feathers. Darting birds and sunbursts proved a bit trickier to capture. It is a great way to spend a day being attuned to all of the miracles in your life. Deepak Chopra talked about this mind frame. I don’t know where he wrote about this but I think it is a wonderful affirmation. “Today I release all grievances and I choose miracles”. Reminds me that when you let go of a problem the solution can come right in, but it can’t come in if you are thinking about the problem. So, I choose miracles.

Hope you enjoyed that piece, and I would love it if you would send me some of your miracle stories or even pictures 🙂 I will find some of mine and post them. Have a great weekend!

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