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17 month reads, has huge vocabulary

The number of high vibration children appearing on Earth to help with and to experience the transition to Homo Luminous underway continues to grow daily.   We will offer a new video every week as a reminder of the amazingly aware, intuitive and creatively brilliant children joining us on Earth at this time.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Children Station>News, or click here.

Solar cells that grow being developed

The technology being advanced for solar cells is exciting, from solar cell material that can practically be ‘painted’ on a surface, to cells that can be nailed like roofing tiles.  In our ongoing search for proof of transitions technologically, we have found recent research in which scientists have been able to use nano technology to create solar cells that can actually grow and repair themselves just like living cells in nature.  This ought to help make energy more affordable, they say. Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Science>Free Energy, or click here.

GM sugar beet destruction on hold – again

The court order to have the Genetically Modified sugar beets dug up, which we reported in November, has been postponed.  Apparently a San Francisco appeals court delayed the order until the end of February.  This could be viewed as negative news, but we see it as quite the opposite.  This delay offers us another opportunity to expose the truth about sugar.  As we all raise our vibrations toward Homo Luminous, we become more aware of what we are consuming.  Sugar is not healthy!  Sugar is actually a Life Force Energy sink.  The more who know the sugar they are eating is most likely a GMO, the better.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>News, or click here.

14 good foods to eat

At Pure Leadership, we’ve noticed a profound improvement in the global awareness for food.  We are trying to help with info on growing it for yourself.  Here is some info on 14 good foods you may want to eat.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>Newsor click here.

Argument for SQ FT GARDENS

Just as a reminder, we have uploaded a succinct video by Yolanda that argues the benefits of a controlled garden plot.  Visit the Pure News Network to view the video.

‘Bad Skin’ foods you may want to avoid

To gain a youthful complexion, you first need to burn off limiting beliefs about aging and you need to establish the intention to grow younger.  To help out the physical transformation, you also need to know both what to eat and what to avoid. Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Physical, or click here.

Marvellous video of Dr. Martin Blank speech on EMF

At the Commonwealth Club presentations last November at Columbia University, Martin Blank, PhD, offered an insightful presentation on the dangers of EMF.  We have uploaded it at PNN because Blank presents clear support to Jas Malcolm’s concepts from a bioelectromagnetics perspective.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Energetic to find out more, or click here.

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