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UK Health recants on vaccinations

Last week, health authorities in the United Kingdom blamed a vaccine shortage on “healthy people” who got vaccinations when it was unnecessary, thus now threatening the lives of sick children.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Physical>Vaccinations or click here.

Igloo-Shaped ‘Poo-Gloos’ Eat Sewage

As we move through the transfigurations and government becomes less the Big Brother and more the ‘facilitator’, as self-governing groups we’ll be looking for new ways of dealing with age old situations.  One such situation is sewage and this is a novel new approach.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Science, or click here.

Researcher Develops Accurate Method for Detecting Dangerous Fluoride

Consumption of fluoride is, in the opinion of the Pure Leadership team, an absolute no-no if you wish to maintain optimal health.  Unfortunately, in some municipalities, it is nearly impossible to avoid consumption unless you filter your drinking and bathing water, which we recommend.  Now you can test that filtering easily. A Florida State University researcher has developed a molecular sensor that changes color when a sample containing fluoride is added to it.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>Water, or click here.

Consumers want to match food and genetic make-up

A market analyst now claims that nutritional genomics, known as nutrigenomics, is a growing trend in the food business.  Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition influences gene expression, and purports to examine how different nutrients are absorbed, metabolized or eliminated according to a person’s individual genetic make up. At Pure Leadership we recognize you can change limiting beliefs and therefore change your DNA.  If you do, should you be changing your eating habits too?  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>News to find out more, or click here.

What are the newest food trends?

Recent research finds that the next generation of the American family is more ethnically diverse, cash-strapped, cuisine-savvy, and health-concerned than ever before. There are new culinary, health, and restaurant behaviors shaping the food choices of tomorrow’s family.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>News, or click here.

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