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Floracopeia Inc.

One of my absolute favourite companies is Floracopeia. Established by David Crow (author of In Search of the Medicine Buddha) the company has been an advocating through education, for grassroots healthcare as well as for preserving and replanting the “Global Garden”. For the last two years I have attended their retreats in California.  Floracopeia attracts experts and leaders in the fields such as Ayurvedic medicine, botany, and distillation of essential oils to offer their teachings (yes, this is my idea of a good time!!). Recently they launched which is an incredible network for accessing teachings about plant based medicines. As well, Floracopeia is an online retailer of excellent quality essential oils. They prefer to call them “aromatic treasures”, and I can see why. By dealing directly with distillers who use organic, wild crafted, sustainable growing practices I know that what I am buying is really the best available.

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Posted February 4, 2011 by Kandis Twa in PL Favourite Things

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