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Protecting your Energy-Daneve Twa

Learning how to “pull in your energy’ is a great way to protect your energy field. It is a way to maintain your boundaries without having to say a word. It means that if you are in group of people that are angry, mean, or just plain unhappy that your energy isn’t getting all mixed up with theirs. Phew..that is a relief!

The folllowing is technique that allows you to bring all your energy back to you over five breaths. As you practice you may notice that your energy rises and that your emotions become calmer as you ‘breathe in your energy”. Remember it is your energy so it goes (and stays) wherever you send it. So, if you have had a ‘scattered day’ little bits of your energy get left behind wherever you go. No wonder we can get tired and cranky at the end of the day! This exercise only takes about a minute and is a great one to do before going to bed, or while sitting in traffic.

Imagine that you can see or feel all of your energy in a great big golden bubble all around you. As you breathe  you are going to start pulling your energy in towards you.


Breath #1:Inhale and imagine that as you are drawing in your breath you are also drawing in all of that golden light that is your life force energy,pulling your energy into a ball that becomes ten feet around you, exhale.


Breath#2: As you inhale pull all of your energy into an even smaller ball that now becomes five feet all around you, exhale.


Breath#3: Inhale and pull all your energy just to the surface of your skin, exhale.


Breath#4 On your fourth breath, breathe in your energy just below the surface of your skin, exhale.


Breath#5 Inhale and imagine now that ball of energy concentrating right in the center of your body.

Done!  Repeat as often as you like 🙂

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  1. This is a great reminder

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