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New educational web site discusses energy and exercise

Staffers at Pure Leadership practice a variety of different exercise regimens, and for some that includes running.  However, we try to employ natural running techniques and we have found that the techniques presented by Danny Dreyer, ultra-marathon runner, in ChiRunning fit that bill.  For more info, visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Physical or click here.

Things to do to lower cholesterol

Controlling your LDL doesn’t require statins.  In fact, you might consider some small dietary modifications to adjust your LDL levels instead.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>News or click here.

Loneliness triggers unhealthy immune response

Engaging in the Pure Leadership spiritual journey, one of the first efforts we undertake is identifying limiting beliefs and removing them.  Beliefs couple with emotion and now modern science is proving that even loneliness can have an immediate affect on your physical.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Belief Station>Beliefs>Help  or click here.

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