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Light to hydrogen fuel link achieved

A means of taking photosynthetic plant proteins and using them to shift visible light into hydrogen fuel represents a huge potential breakthrough for energy production that is safe, environmentally friendly and affordable.  To read more about it, visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Science, or click here.

Mid-East events prove transformations underway

Once the euphoria ends, Egyptians — especially the opposition that toppled Mubarak – have to face realizations concerning the change in their vibration. The vibration of Homo sapiens continues to grow towards Homo luminous.  Allowing themselves to be enslaved by repressive regimes will not be in the cards for Egyptians ever again after millennia of oppression. Isn’t that wonderful news!  To see a video by a young woman, fed up with repression and who’s words sparked the revolution, visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Government>News, or click here.

Positivity program gains ground in B.C. schools

A simple system of encouragement has had a tremendous impact on student behavior at a Vancouver Island school, practically eliminating the incidents of bullying.  It’s a major high vibration approach.  The positive reinforcement reward system is spreading to other schools in the province too! Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Children Station>News, or click here.

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