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Natural Organic Skin Care

This Friday our favourite thing that we wish to share with you is the Lluvia Skin Care line from the Amazon Herb Company. We love all of the products that this company puts out, but this skin care line is really unique. Because of their long standing relationship with suppliers in the rainforest, Amazon Herb is able to source wild crafted, sustainably harvested, organic plants which are used in their skin care line. You can love this line for what is in it as well for what is not.

This complete skin care line was created without any types of chemical preservatives, synthetic agents or artificial fragrances, which is quite a feat considering most of the other “natural” lines do contain a certain amount of artificial chemicals. For instance  Lluvia uses grapefruit seed oil to stabilize the products which eliminates the need for artificial preservatives.

A product that uses plants responsibly and entirely…I love it!

Learn more or order Lluvia

Lluvia’s complete list of ingredients

LLuvia review by The Natural News

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Posted February 18, 2011 by Kandis Twa in PL Favourite Things

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