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Remember your heart is a rhythm maker

It seems that the western medical establishment, along with the pharmaceutical industry, may have a new excuse to put a LOT more people on blood pressure medications. Of course, you can imagine the billions of profit dollars this could generate but not from those of us familiar with the information in the Pure Leadership book series.  Click here to read more.

Science admits healing touch is real

According to the Pure Leadership concepts, pain is controllable and alterable from many perspectives. Simply saying “no pain” with the intention of healing can be enough to remove or dull pain for instance. Channeling the healing power of God through us is a gift each of us is capable of offering another. Now science is admitting the traditional advice to rub bumps and bruises relieves pain and aches, is actually true too.  Read more by clicking here.

De-Age with belief and nutrition

De-aging is possible with dedicated removal of limiting beliefs as is being evidenced by Jas Malcolm’s process of de-aging. Medical researchers have also identified that you can help the process nutritionally at a cellular level with a specific dietary supplement.  To read more, you can visit the Pure News Network with a click here.

Food industry ‘too secretive’ about nanotechnology

The backlash for genetically modified (GM) foods being foisted on the public is probably why food manufacturers’ are reluctant to disclose nanotechnology research. But we predict the public will demand to know more about the risks.  The U.K. is leading the way and playing watchdog for the world.  To find out where to stay on top of nanotech, visit the Pure News Network by clicking here.

Big Pharma may lose a profit engine or two

Canadians were shocked to learn the US government may soon charge them $5.50 to enter their country.  It’s a cash grab.  Big Pharma may soon feel the same pinch if rumored patent protection limits get changed.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Medicine>News, or click here.

Turn off those cell phones

Operating cell phones on airplanes is restricted because of the technical roaming conundrum cell phone companies have to deal with when literally hundreds of cell phone towers are contacted by your phone simultaneously from 35,000 feet.  But there is a more important reason not to use it in flight.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Energetic, or click here.

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