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Vitamin B-facts and answers

Are B vitamins vital to your health?  Of course, having the right amount of every vitamin is necessary, but certain vitamin B supplementation can provide dramatic health improvements.Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>News to find out more, or click here.

How to choose honey

In the Pure Leadership books series, Jas Malcolm has personally recommended the use of organic Manuka honey from New Zealand.  If you can’t get it, here are some honey tips to consider.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Food>Organic, or click here.

No need to worry about flare

Fear mongers were proven wrong when predicted failures in communication networks didn’t occur after the edges of a class X solar flare brushed by the Earth.  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Others Station>Science, or click here.

Vitamin D-truths and questions

Working indoors, in an office, limits the amount of sunlight our staffers get every day, particularly the type of sunlight they need to produce vitamin D.  Though we all make a conscious effort to have 45 minutes exposure to direct sunlight — cumulatively — every day, it doesn’t always happen and not always at the right time of day.  If we don’t have the opportunity to manufacture it ourselves, should we consider vitamin D supplementation?  How much of a good thing is too much?  We’ve compiled a nutrition report on the subject.  We will update it over time as more facts come to us.  To read the article go to Pure News Network and navigate to SELF STATION>HEALTH>NEWS, or click here.

Meditate and take a walk

You’ve heard it all before. Exercise is good for the physical. Meditation is good for everything else! But just how impactful a walk in nature can be on heart health has just been determined and it is huge!  Visit the Pure News Network and navigate to Self Station>Health>Energetic, or click here.

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