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How to Hear Your Intuition

by Kandis Twa

“When you have your own mind under control, intuition will give you all of the knowledge of the world”

-Yogi Bhajan

Intuition is our ability to hear information from our higher guidance in order that we can make our best decisions. While we are constantly receiving information from many sources (“Ego, is that you?) how does one, in this time of abundant information ever become clear enough to sort through it all in order to hear our own intuition?

On a daily basis we all receive advice, direction, guidance, tips and suggestions from others, and try to balance that against the information from our inner voice. Or, what sometimes become inner voices. When faced with challenging decisions there can be so much dialogue going on inside our heads that things quickly deteriorate into an argument between yourself and…yourself. In this case it is helpful to have a referee. A way to send incorrect information to the sidelines so that you can hear clearly your higher guidance and make the best decisions for yourself and everyone involved. Here is what I do…

I had to learn and practice a new way of making decisions because in the past I would get very overwhelmed by the internal dialogue. I wanted to learn to do better because I knew that if I could sort through to my intuition that making decisions would be easy.

Firstly, I found that is sometimes difficult to make up my mind if I didn’t have enough information. Well, we have established now that it is fairly easy to acquire information if you would like it. Perhaps you are talking to others, reading books, or meditating. However you gather this information I have learned that it was important for me to give myself permission to take as much time as I felt that I needed for this process.

Seondly, as I would gather information I would, like many of us, ask others for advice, friends for opinion, or even seek counsel from those considered to be wise and trustworthy. The challenge was to learn; ok do I listen to this person or not? How do I sort through all this information? This is the part that I needed to practice. A method to determine what information  is ‘true’, meaning that it resonates with me and ‘not true’, or does not resonate with me.

So, here is what I do. I practice paying attention to how my body responds to information. When my body becomes stiff, or my stomach gets hard, or I start to feel nervous then I know that the information is not correct for me. But if I feel relaxed  and the information is flowing and I feel wonderful then I know that the information is correct. I have learned that my body is a wonderful truth detector, and my job is to pay attention to it. I use the word correct here, but that is not to say that someone is lying, just that the information is not correct for me.

After practicing this process for a while what I have really learned is that it is important to trust yourself. Intuition is a natural ability for all of us and the best decisions are those that are best for you and everyone else involved. So, it certainly helps to be able to tap into your higher guidance for some assistance!  It does take courage to listen to it, and it can take a little bit of practice in order to clearly hear your guidance but ultimately I have found that when I trust my own counsel is when I make my best decisions.

For a simple way to quiet negative thoughts (which allows you to more clearly hear your higher guidance) click here.

As always, it is my hope that you find this information to be helpful or inspirational. If you have any questions or comments you can email me or leave a comment below. I always appreciate hearing from you!

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