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Healthy Living Canada

This website is a great resource of information. It focus is to feature companies which provide healthy goods and services. If you have ever wondered for instance, where you can find a good organic butcher or a holistically minded veterinarian where you live, then this is where you will find those answers!

Healthy Living Canada is a non-profit site that does not accept any advertising revenue so you can be sure that the featured companies are on the site because of a solid reputation. A visit to this site is like having the opportunity to sit down with your local health nut and getting all of their best sources and tips for where they shop and which practitioners they visit.  It is the ultimate insider’s guide to making healthy decisions where you live.

Currently the site is oriented on a city by city basis and covers, Calgary, Banff, Canmore and Kelowna.  For those of you who live outside of these areas there is a section for products and services which are available worldwide.  No matter where you live this site is full of hidden gems for you to discover.

Visit Healthy Living Canada

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