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Lessons I am Learning-Kandis Twa

Sleep is vitally important, not only for your physical well being but also for your spiritual well being. Did you know that one good night’s sleep allows your spirit to learn and grow as much as it could in several years of being awake?  During the night, a particular wavelength of light is saturating the planet. That light is called cosmic light. Cosmic light comes from all of the light of every star in the whole universe. This light is as ancient and eternal as you are and so it is familiar to you in a way that light from the Earth is not. When your body is able to pick up this light it reminds you are eternal and that you are safe.

In order for your body to absorb as much cosmic light as possible you must sleep in a totally dark room. Although cosmic light is particularly associated with the throat chakra our entire bodies are photosensitive.  This means that all wavelengths of light are perceived by your body at all time. Creating a totally dark room for you to sleep in means that your body is not distracted by Earth lights and can be fully saturated by cosmic light.  Before going to sleep cover up alarm clocks, or any other electronic devices with a light. Get your blinds to be as dark as possible and heavy enough that they can seal out all light from outside.

If for some reason sleeping in a totally dark room is not possible for you another alternative is to have a shower in a completely dark bathroom before going to bed.  To be safe, turn on the shower and make sure that you have all of your things arranged so that you know where to find them before you turn out the lights. The magnetic properties of the water will enhance your body’s ability to absorb the cosmic light while you are in shower. Enjoy your shower for about 15 minutes and then hop into bed. We suggest that you have a dark shower at least once every couple of months.


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