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Lessons I am Learning-Kandis Twa

Unsolicited assistance is called interference. That is a big one, worth reading again…unsolicited assistance or advice is called interference. It is a violation of another persons boundaries, it is dishonoring and it needs to stop.

I am a master of interference, so when I had this realization of what I was really doing I sat down with some of my family and I said to them, “I realize now that unsolicited advice is really called interference. If you ever wish for my assistance, please ask for it and I will gladly provide it. I will not interfere in your life anymore, because I know that you will be ok even without my advice.”

Yup, I actually said this and it really was a big wake up call for me to get to this epiphany, sort of knocked me of my pedestal of ‘everyone needs me and they couldn’t possibly function without my advice or assistance’.

I know that I have great information, really just ask me :), but I recognize that it is not necessarily someone else’s information. Let people have their journey! Instead of trying to  change others I realize it is way, way better to respect and honour everyone wherever their at.

So that’s it for my “advice” that is not really advice, just information- you may do with it as you will 😉

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Posted March 28, 2011 by Pure Leadership in Boundaries, Kandis Twa

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