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Good news equals good action

When we began planning the Pure News Network it was our vision to build a website that offered news which would help to elevate readers’ vibration.  Our site includes elements of the Pure Leadership trilogy, linked as appropriate in the articles to assist readers to find specific information to help them on their evolutionary path to Homo luminous too.

Part of our job at Pure News is monitoring the world to catch news of events, science and happenings which validate details offered in the trilogy.  We’ve been heartened to learn of research from the University of BC’s Sauder School of Business related to what we’re doing with the Pure News site.  Karl Aquino, the lead author of the study recently said: “Our study indicates that if more attention was devoted to recounting stories of uncommon acts of human virtue, the media could have a quantifiable positive effect on the moral behavior of a significant group of people.”

The study is going to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.  It argues there is a direct link between exposure to articles of higher vibration and “moral elevation” – thoughts and emotions about being a better person that can lead to “pro-social” action.

The researchers found that those who thought of themselves as moral people were more likely to display pro-social behavior after reading a positive news story.  Hurrah for another bit of proof that Pure Leadership’s intent is unfolding and fulfilled.

Posted April 4, 2011 by Pure Leadership in Pure Leadership News

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