Around the world in…36ish days!   2 comments

We are home!!!

For those of you who have been wondering what has happened to us, I can tell you it’s been quite the adventure for the whole Pure Leadership team! We have been off travelling to and visiting some of the most wonderful and ancient sacred sites in the world. We’ve had our passports stamped in Egypt and China this spring and have just now returned home. Thank you a million times to all the wonderful people that we have met and who assisted us on this fantastic journey!

The purpose of the trip was to gather and to confirm information for Jim’s upcoming book “Cosmic You”. I will let him tell you all about it, but I can give you a bit of a sneak preview.  There is much more to the sacred sites of Egypt, China, Peru and Mexico that you ever may have known!

We were privileged to have travelled in Egypt with authors Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock, both of whom have been pioneers in bringing forth information about the significance and value of the sacred structures in Egypt. If you are not familiar with their work I highly recommend a quick look at their websites to whet your appetite about the mystic and allure of Egypt.

In the coming days…and weeks really, we will post more about our adventures. Photos, thoughts, missives, what we learned and share some of the experiences we had along the way.


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2 responses to “Around the world in…36ish days!

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  1. I will be anxious to hear more!!!!

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