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The flow of life…

Four AM comes mighty early to me. Alas it was necessary to rise so we could get to the stables and climb aboard our camels. Robert Bauval, bless him, was giving us an opportunity to ride through the desert for an early cup of tea with the Bedouin and a view of the sun rising over the pyramids on the Giza plateau.  Now, these things can sound more adventuresome then they are. Your camel is attached to another camel which is attached to another camel which is attached to someone who knows a great deal about camels.  Nevertheless, you can move your life from being led to being the leader …

Our ride to sunrise was uneventful, the tea was great albeit the wind blows cold in the desert at that hour. I hope Kandis shares with you the great photo of her greeting the morning sun on the plateau. A joyful moment indeed and so perfectly expressed by her.

Egypt is all about ‘baksheesh’, which is another word for ‘graft’. You’ll find it difficult in Egypt to go to the bathroom without someone having their hand out for money.  In fact, on the morning of the camel ride I waded out into the desert to relieve myself with some Egyptian in hot pursuit yelling about heavens knows what. Upon my return to the group he, of course, had his hand out for ‘baksheesh’. I guess he owns the desert.

Now it would be easy to become frustrated with the continual badgering for ‘cash’ for seemingly looking at the sun, and I’m not going to tell you I was never frustrated by the process, however, there is a better way to handle it.

You’ll remember that the goal of life is to be in the ‘flow’ of energy.  You do your morning manifestation exercise and let go of the intent into the infinite creative field. Then you listen and flow towards that outcome.

If you become frustrated you disconnect from the infinite energy, the zero point field, the chi, the creative energy of all things.  You cannot create or manifest anything in your life without this energy field, so to be frustrated is not very resourceful.

With this in mind, I sought out my ‘camel leader’ before the return ride back into Cairo. Rather than waiting to be beseeched for ‘cash’ I offered him cash. Not with anything specific in mind, and voila the creative field spoke …

He selected a camel which he felt had a bit more ‘spring in its step’ and sent me on my way, declaring that I was an expert camel rider and would be fine on my own. So I set off across the desert on my return trip untethered and free as a bird, or, at least free as a camel in a desert. At first one can feel a smidge of trepidation but then you realize that this camel will flow back home just fine, or will he?

As we wended our way through one of the narrow streets we were confronted by a large pile of gravel that was not there on our maiden outbound voyage. I could see that for the rookie camel rider, me, this may not be something they would put in the brochure. The first camel that tried to cross this large pile of rolling rubble turned ‘circus’ with the rider having to grasp the roof of the house to steady himself before eventually tumbling down along with his ‘steed’. The second camel approached trepidatiously, After all it had clearly seen the success of the first. The riders of camel two were soon unseated without ceremony. I was third …

By this time the street had embraced pandimonium with all manner of shouting and clamoring and horses neighing and camels balking and pushing and shoving. I was reminded of Shakespeare’s words that “discretion is the better part of valor”. I turned my camel around, which was not easily done in this melee and I headed back towards the desert.  Our Bedouin leader had now arrived and seen that a major challenge was at hand and he directed us to a different route. The new route was a long circumlocuterous route that involved us riding on the main road of traffic. Now for anyone that has been to Egypt you know what that means. Traffic in Egypt is bizarre at best as every manner of locomotion and beast are pitted against each other as they thread the needle like streets, however, I was going with the flow.

The ride back to the stables was spectacular. From my high vantage point aboard my ‘ship of the desert’ I was able to look into the yards of some very beautiful homes and to observe life in a way that you just can’t see from ground level. The ride was most beautiful and I drunk in early morning Cairo.  I found if I could keep my camel from lunching on the trees on the way home the ride was very smooth.

In my post last week I talked about the failure of government’s and why I had predicted it. I forgot to mention that your goal is to look at these big shifts of energy and stay in the flow to higher vibration. The failure of government is absolutely necessary for humanity to rise in vibration. Low vibration government systems of ‘controlling others’ and ‘power over others’ must fail, in order that humanity can rise in vibration. New higher vibration systems will emerge run by higher vibration folks then those currently ‘in power’.  It’s important that you recognize these energies at work in your life.

The creative energy creates from chaos. So, when we’re in chaos you want to pull your personal energy into yourself  and flow through the chaos. You’re living in times of massive change, all good.

Your energy field is small relative to that of the Earth. People who try fighting these massive Earth changes by trying to keep their life “the same” are going to experience their bodies breaking down.  These energies of change are going only one direction – they are going up in vibration. These high vibrations are going to push on any beliefs and patterns that you have that are of low vibration and throw them up in your face. You have to let go of these old low vibration beliefs and patterns that are gripping your life in order that you can get into and stay in the flow.  Take a moment and pause and evaluate. What is going on in the world? Do you see the divine flow to higher vibration playing out all around you? And, what is going on in your life?  Can you see your old patterns are no longer serving you?  If so you can find exercises in Book III, Change is Natural and remove them from your life forever. Get into this amazing flow to higher vibration and enjoy the ride, or fight it and have some major challenges.

Unfortunately, some folks I know are resisting going with the new flow of life. Choice. They’re in fear of the unknown and don’t trust the infinite creative field and as a result some are succumbing to diseases such as cancer. Choice.

I cover the energy of cancer in my book and educate the readers in what they need to know about it and, what changes they can choose to make.  Cancer has the best advertising campaign on the planet, so it’s firmly entrenched in the collective consciousness. I’m not making light of cancer, I’m pointing out that you are a being of free will and a campaign that constantly pushes cancer and advertises cancer will magnetize a lot of cancer into society. Reflect upon the latest earthquake in Japan and a society that focuses on earthquakes, warning about them in school, designing buildings around them etc. You will magnetically attract outcomes consistent with your beliefs. What outcomes are coming your way these days?

Cancer’s a low vibration disease [43 megahertz] and must be defeated by rising in vibration. A major aspect to address is low vibration beliefs, those that can lower your vibration to 43 megahertz. On the purely physical side low vibration will be characterized by retaining low vibration heavy metals [toxins], general emotional toxicity of negative thoughts, and a generally acidic system. Therefore, on the physical front, some immediate steps to take are detoxifying and alkalizing your body.  The fundamental first step though is, what do you believe?

You have to believe that you have overcome the cancer and you’re healthy. Your focus cannot be on the cancer, it must be on a healthy state. Doctor’s that render terminal diagnoses may not appreciate the impact they are having, however, to the person that hears such diagnoses, they must realize they still have choice. They have to realize the diagnosis is simply a choice. If they take on the diagnoses that is their choice and that will be their outcome. Important to make a different choice.

The first step for all healing is perspective and making better choices.

Last year I covered the complicity of the FDA in the Swine Flu scandal in the third edition of my books. Now a great movie called “Buryzinski-Cancer is Serious Business” has been produced which does an excellent job of revealing the FDA’s complicity in cancer.  The movie is about Dr. Burzyinski.  The material is not new to me because I have followed the prosecution of Burzyinski and Max Gerson and others who were successful in treating cancer, however, I recommend everyone buy [to support Burzyinski] this movie and view it.  You can find it at www.burzyinskimovie.com.  This week, you can view the whole movie for free on their site. [We have posted the first part below so you can get a feel for the information] Burzyinski, along with Gerson and many others, have brought forward tremendous information on alternative approaches to cancer and I recommend readers become familiar with this information.

My message, look at your life. Observe the divine nature of the big movements in energy as humanity’s collective consciousness evolves. If your life is topsy turvy, as evidenced by health challenges of any type, business challenges, relationship challenges, realize you’re not reading the ‘tea leaves’. Everything in your life is present as a mirror of your existing beliefs. Removing the limiting beliefs and patterns you’ve carried for all too long changes your mirrors, your DNA and that of your family. Your camel will just flow around the chaos and you’ll see the world in a different way. Life is all good – time to get into the flow of it.

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