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Pure Leadership in Egypt

Our trip to Egypt was so amazing.  The people are so kind and gentle.  The concerns others had placed upon our going to Egypt post the demonstrations was, as we intuited, completely misplaced.  It’s true that, unfortunately, a Christian church was blown up while we were there, however, the local Egyptian peoples were very clear with us – “there is zero tension here between Christian’s and Muslims”.  The take of the locals is that the bombing was orchestrated by some group trying to create tension.  They, as we, saw the action as consistent with the prior government paying people to ride camels into Tahir Square during the demonstration.

You’ll remember that a constant theme of my second book was that people rising in vibration are no longer going to allow people of low vibration to suppress them. Government’s that don’t relinquish ‘control and suppression’ will fail as we’ve seen in Iceland, Tunisia, Egypt and will see in Libya and Syria.  You’re also seeing evidence of this energetic shift in Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire in Africa.  In South America the energy is resulting in the emergence of a populist movement which began with the election of Chavez in Venezuela and was continued with the election of Morales in Bolivia and Correa in Ecuador. These gentlemen have come under much criticism from the western world, however, I suggest all is not as reported. In my third edition of the books I pointed out that Correa’s new constitution for Ecuador is actually quite an enlightened document.  This week the populist Hamala was elected in Peru.  These developments are having a widespread effect upon ‘how business has been conducted’ which is bringing lots of uncertainty to the mining sector. As I predicted in my blog post in December the gold stocks have been in a bit of a downtrend since January [seniors falling from trading at 1.2-1.4 net asset value to 1 and liquidity exiting the junior sector] despite the price of gold and silver relentlessly climbing to new highs.  So, holding the metals and lightening up on the stocks, if you took action, has been prudent.  I am currently reflecting upon whether it is a good time to re-enter the junior sector or if one wants to hold off a bit longer.

What Kandis and I saw in Egypt is consistent with what I’ve written. The people of Egypt are rising in vibration and they feel unified in that feeling. They want a better life and they’re prepared to participate in achieving that. They are acting totally peacefully. In one of the cities we visited, the people had been having a sit down strike for something like seven days because they did not agree with who the new government had appointed as their ‘governor’.  The new government resisted making any change but after seven days of grinding the city to a halt, the new government relented and changed the governor.  Another peaceful transition.

The trip to Egypt was to confirm and investigate some final pieces for my new trilogy of books, “Cosmic You and Earth”.  From Egypt we moved on to China for a most amazing 3 weeks, much of which was spent investigating China’s pyramids and sacred structures, and I’ll have some comments on that in the next couple of days.

Posted June 15, 2011 by Pure Leadership in Jas Malcolm

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