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Since the last edition of the books were written there has been more and more information brought to light that has Jim wishing to issue a “correction notice” if you will about two topics covered in the books.At the time, when the books were first written we felt that the books were close to 100% accurate…we can see now that these two points require some clarification.
The first correction relates to water and its ability, or rather inability to “hold memory”. I will post this one first (the other tomorrow) and I think that Jim does a really good job of distilling the subtle but significant difference between memory and intention.

As always we invite you to consider all of the information here, in the books and in our workshops and take from it what you will. Thank you!

A Correction Notice on Water:

The first error has to do with water.  Based upon some of the great work done by Jacques Benaviste I had concluded that water ‘holds memory’.  This is a commonly held understanding and often quoted by more and more of the science community today, and universally by the metaphysical community. This had been my understanding as well, but as I moved into investigating the elements I was informed that this was a misconception. Water, in fact, breaks down memory. This makes complete sense now that I’ve realized that water is anti-matter [rather than matter].  It makes sense that the exploding vortex of anti-matter would take apart memories and in the grand schema of the universe important that it does so – otherwise we’d all be consuming the memories of everyone else.

Water does retain intention. I cover ‘intention’ in my third book. This is a much mis-used word in today’s world. Everyone in the spiritual world speaks of ‘intention’ when really they mean ‘objective’.  Intention has a specific meaning because it is a specific energy. It can only be set in the higher mind state and when done it is accompanied by a commitment of the individual to achieve the ‘intention’.  It is a life commitment and the ‘intention’ they’ve set actually becomes set forever, this life time and subsequent lifetimes. In fact, it becomes a universal law for that individual. So within this context it makes sense that water would have to hold intention.

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