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A Correction Notice on Ayuhuasca

In a previous edition of “Change is Natural” it is written that the Ayuhuasca plant is a pure plant. After gather more information and reflecting on some personal experiences we wish to issue the following correction notice. Please take from this information what you will. Thank you.

I’m a director of the Amazon Herb Company and have had the pleasure of spending a reasonable amount of time in the Amazon ‘up river’. We have 14 joint ventures with tribes in the jungle and I’ve been able to visit a number of them.

On these journey’s ayuhausca is much discussed, and often consumed by my companions. From their re-counting of their experiences I’ve been able to observe and learn a considerable amount about ayuhausca.

As I state in my books, I believed the plant was ‘pure’ and it was the ‘purity’ of the plant that caused people to vomit and evacuate their bowels after consumption. This made some sense to me. After all, so many people have low vibration beliefs in their ‘field’, a pure substance would cause those negative beliefs to be brought to the surface.

However, I had a very recent experience with ayuhausca regarding a woman who attended one of my workshops. This experience has changed my mind on ayuhuasca.

Unbeknownst to me this workshop attendee was consuming ayuhausca regularly in parallel with the workshop. My workshops cover a lot of ground but center on the exercises in the fourth book ‘Lift the Veils to Reality’.  In this book I explain consciousness and how you have multiple minds. The great breakthrough that I made in writing this book was to realize that our ‘subconscious’ mind is actually negatively charged. It’s beyond the scope of this note to describe that fully however, I cover it at length in the book.  The nature of a negative charge is that it means the subconscious carries negative information.  The subconscious mind functions from a place of ‘fear’. There’s a specific historical reason for this and it’s covered in my book.

This woman, I’ll call her ‘Sally’, would do great work pursuant to my workshops and books and then she’d relapse. I couldn’t figure out why she was re-lapsing until she revealed that she’d been doing ayuhuasca. This caused me to reconsider and evaluate the effects of ayuhuasca.

The information I’ve now been provided with makes complete good sense. The coranderos of South America can consume ayuhausca without the negative side effects of vomiting and such because of their ancestral DNA.  Their DNA carries information which enables them to handle this plant, however, this information is absent in the rest of humanity.

The plant is actually not pure but, pure toxin. Upon consumption, the cognitive brain pulls forward the subconscious mind in order to protect itself from the extreme toxicity of the substance. The subconscious, as noted, is extremely negative and carries all sorts of false information. So, under the influence, a person is receiving all sorts of fear based information and hallucinatons and that’s why Sally continued to relapse. Every time I pulled her out of ‘fear’ and assisted her she’d lapse back into it. The relapse can be severe illness so it is not to be trivialized.

I’ve now learned that the ayuhausca is so toxic that the body actually takes it and coats it with a type of ‘glue’ like substance and then stores it in the organs.   This is necessary to protect the physical from it. Within this context, the response of the westerner to ayuhausca makes complete good sense. The body attempts to get rid of it by vomiting and evacuating the bowls. This is consistent with a toxic substance and, I must apologize to my readers, I should have recognized this.

The peoples of South America aren’t aware of this extreme toxicity so they continue to believe that providing this will be a positive experience for the westerner.

The information I’d received was confirmed during a presentation I witnessed recently. The more the presenter talked about their ayuhausca experiences the more it was activated in their body and the more they began to sweat. I could observe the organs that it was stored in, as evidenced by where the presenter perspired into their shirt.

Again, this is not to judge or condemn anyone who consumes ayuhausca and chooses the experience. It’s simply to point out that the plant is toxic in the extreme, and therefore very hard on the physical body and psyche. Activating the ayuhausca stored in the organs will link the individual back into the subconscious mind and can lead to paranoia and other fear based emotions and experiences.  This fear based existence could permeate their life. We’re here to experience what we choose, nevertheless, I feel this information is important to allow people to make informed choices.

On the good news front, the ayuhuasca stored in the organs can be removed. It must be done carefully and removal will take many months and must be done under the care of a capable naturopath. The key is the de-toxification must be extremely slow.  One does not wish to bring a lot of the toxin back into the blood stream at any one time.

I caution individuals that consuming ayuhausca should not be confused with a spiritual journey. If you read the information in my books you can see that I’m on a spiritual journey and its all positive. It is a misconception to believe that we learn more from painful circumstances than positive experiences.

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