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On our last day in Egypt we had the opportunity to spend some time with Yousef Awyan and his lovely wife Patricia.  Yousef is the son of Hakim Awyan, a respected wisdom keeper and Sufi who spent his whole life exploring the mysteries of the Pyramids. Sadly, Hakim passed away several years ago now and his son Yousef is carrying on his fathers work and message.

Here is Yousef sharing his thoughts about the transformation that is occuring in humanity as we all begin to “wake up” and realize that you are much more than you were ever lead to believe. This is his interview with a  documentary film maker that we were fortunate to witness.  Here it is in its professional version…yes the background is really the view from the Awyan’s porch!

This video was filmed by our good friend PJ Ardies for an upcoming documentary film “Freedom”

To learn more about the work that Yousef and Patricia are bringing forward please visit them here.

Hakim Awyan is featured in the six part documentary series “The Pyramid Code”

Posted July 21, 2011 by Kandis Twa in In this moment

5 responses to “Transformation in Egypt

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  1. Thank you very much, Jim & Kandis!
    With love from Belgium,

  2. Your welcome!! Sent your gift off in the mail yesterday. Hope that it arrives soon!
    Love to you and your family

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