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New facts about the use of the oceans  

As the demand for energy increases worldwide, the search for renewable and viable sources of power intensifies. Two Ryerson University researchers have taken that search underwater, and using Iran as a test case, have found that oceans and lakes could make an enormous contribution to global energy production.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Sea salt is purer but Himalayan salt crystals are best

Studies have recently indicated that many consumers still mistakenly believe sea salt contains less sodium chloride than table salt. That isn’t true. It does not contain less sodium than table salt, gram for gram. Then why bother using only the purest form of salt you can find?   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

EMF protection does not have to be expensive

At PNN, and on our blog, we have published articles about EMF protection, ‘earthing’ and advances in science that created grounding devices you can use in your everyday life, even sleep upon. With this article, we are offering a very inexpensive means of shielding EMF at home as well as another encouragement to try earthing whenever you can.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Why indoor air is so important

To establish a baseline for the quality of air in your home, all you need to do is consider the air outside your home. Then understand that the toxins being exuded by paints, manufactured carpets, even glue will make the environment worse that outdoors. Many homes and offices have airborne pollutant levels 25-100 times higher than the air outside. Over 1500 substances may be found in the typical North American home… some of which can emit toxic fumes. How you can cleanse your air has been the subject of numerous articles here. One simple solution you can employ to help cleanse your air indoors is by bringing more of nature to where you live.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Accidental finding informs us about evolution

A chance discovery of a genetic mutation in wild barley that grows in Israel’s Judean Desert, has led to an international study deciphering evolution of life on land.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

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