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Amazing Financial Markets-Jas Malcolm

Well I may be failing ‘blogging school’ as I just haven’t had time to post anything since my Egyptian ‘share’.  Here at Pure Leadership we’re riding a rocket ship.  I’m so excited about the new information coming through on the sacred sites and feel these next three books will be block busters for people who really like to understand their cosmic selves and the sacred sites in Egypt and China and elsewhere.  However, this post is a quick note on the world financial system.

It is just such joy to be watching the existing books you’ve read come true.

I feel that the world financial system is teetering again.  Some of the things that will occur will be the collapse of the Euro. It has to collapse because for individuals to ‘self actualize’ who they are they can’t be bound under one currency.  These countries with different cultures will be breaking out to express their greatness and no German citizen is going to be held back by an angry individual in Greece. The energies just won’t be compatible. Now, I will say that the powers that be will attempt to try to tell you that the Euro hasn’t failed because they will not wish to admit they were wrong.

The Euro will not be the only currency that fails. Remember that the energies of the world now are all about responsibility. We’re seeing this somewhat senseless debate between Republicans and Democrats in the United States over the raising of the debt ceiling. Folks this debt ceiling has been routinely raised time and time again. So what is going on this time?

I believe you’re seeing some elements of responsibility taking hold. People are actually questioning an automatic ‘raising’ of the ceiling rather than attempting to extract some responsible behavior for it.  There’s something more at play here though.

The United States, in my opinion, has been irresponsible in its management of the “reserve currency”. For the casual reader, the “reserve currency” enables the United States to literally “print money out of thin air” to pay for goods and services. So Germany ships them cars and they simply “print money” to pay for them.  This status was granted them after World War II because they held almost 70% of all of the gold in the world, so their paper currency was “as good as gold”. In 1971 Nixon closed the gold window because countries such as France were demanding the United States exchange US dollars for gold.  As you know, I’ve suggested that the United States government does not actually have much or any gold in Fort Knox.  This is not to say that there is no gold in the U.S. there is in fact  plenty of wealth in the form of gold held by private citizens, just not by the government.  So, since 1971 the United States dollar has not been backed by anything except ‘empty promises’.  Therefore the United States dollar is only valuable if someone actually agrees to treat it as valuable.

Over the past ten years the United States was effectively financed by Japan and China to the point where they both came to hold trillions of US dollars. With the financial frauds of the last years on Wall Street Japan and China no longer want to hold US dollars and have been selling them.

The time is coming when the United States will be told that their currency will no longer be accepted in payment by other countries. This time is beginning to draw closer and closer. The United States knows this is coming and they will introduce a new currency.  As I’ve pointed out to you in the past, it appears that JP Morgan has deliberately suppressed the price of silver so that someone could buy silver cheaply and I’m suggesting that someone has been the United States government. Therefore, I believe their new currency will be backed with silver. There are a couple of interesting points on silver which I believe is all foreshadowing that the US is getting closer to launching their new currency. Utah has introduced laws that now make silver legal tender in commerce and there are eight other states with similar laws on the books. The Federal Environmental Protection Agency has  settled their long standing law suit with a Coeur d’Alene silver mining company.  In the US constitution  it states that the currency was to be silver [not gold].

In this most amazing situation where we see both the United States and all of Europe faltering financially one may wonder how to best minimize the challenges of the volatility and unpredictability.  It is true that if currencies fail often the stock markets become strong in those countries as people take their monies and buy stock certificates so they can “own some bricks and mortar” indirectly.  Having said that I’ve always recommended having some gold and silver bullion to be outside the financial system.

This is not doomsday stuff, this is practically how you make a “choice” to have other peoples poor decisions not affect you.

In late November of 2010 I told you that it was time to sell Gold and Silver shares but to hold onto your bullion positions. This turned out to be good advice with those shares falling on average 40%.  Now with gold and silver prices surging and the stocks remaining weak [relatively] I will most probably begin to buy some of the stocks. Do your homework though and only choose companies with strong management and strong balance sheets.

I remind you that the failure of the world’s financial system is good for all of us as it frees humanity to move to a higher vibration.  This will be fun and wonderful entertainment if you organize your affairs to not be caught in the center of it. So for me:

  • Invest in businesses with people who are passionate about what they do,
  • Have some assets outside the system that is going to go down. To buy physical silver and gold you can consider the www.goldmoney.com I mentioned in my books or look into the Sprott physical trusts or buy something like Central Fund of Canada,
  • For the long term investor you can look at copper assets as the third world will be demanding more copper, and
  • Focus on your own journey and health for therein lies the real wealth – always has.

2 responses to “Why all the Debt Ceiling Drama?

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  1. Thanks
    Great material. i.m glad I followed what you said and years ago bought silver dollars for a fraction of what they cost now.
    Bruce M

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