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How I made amends-Kandis Twa

Rich Vreeland and I have been having a good discussion about God. Rich posted a very good blog post “Don’t Look Away” on compassion last week. His post was motivated by photos he saw of people suffering from the famine that is ongoing in Eastern Africa. I remember what I used to think when I saw these kinds of photos-evidence of suffering and I couldn’t help but wonder if God loves us why do people suffer?

I put this question to Rich and bless his heart he stepped up to the plate and shared how he has reconciled this for himself. So, I believe that I better follow suit.

I don’t recall what inspired me to sit down and examine by belief systems about God. I was not brought up in a religious household so my relationship with God was not something I had ever given much thought to. But one day I did think about it, perhaps after seeing the same kind of photos that Rich wrote about, I asked myself what I did I believe about the suffering people experience all over the world and my internal dialogue went a little something like this:

“Why do people suffer?”

“God must not love them, because if he did then he wouldn’t allow those circumstances”

“Or he loves everyone but ignores the suffering of some?”

“Yup, must be”

Oh my gosh!!! Who wants to live in that kind of world?  My beliefs dictated a punishing, judgmental, unloving and uncaring God.

I was well along enough in my spiritual journey at this point to understand how my beliefs (which ingrain my thoughts and feelings) create my reality. These were some pretty yucky beliefs and I decided that I didn’t want to live in a reality that was being generated by such negative beliefs. It was time for a reconciliation. So I wrote down all the negative beliefs I had about God-turns out I was actually pretty mad at him and once I was finished I burned the piece of paper. I was done with feeling that way. (The science of how practice transmutes the energy of a negative beliefs and impacts your energetic matrix is covered by Jas in “Change is Natural”-and for those of you who have spent some time with us here at Pure Leadership know how much we love doing this and how well it works!)

This experience changed me-I used to look away from photos of people suffering because it bumped up against all the negative beliefs I was holding-they were too hard to look at (the photos and the beliefs). Now when I see these pictures I feel compassion to the fullest extent that I am capable, I can look at them, I can see them.

Rich writes at the end of his post “ The god in me honors, respects, cares for and loves the god in you” I believe that this is the definition of compassion-when you can look at someone and say ‘I meet you at the place where we are the same. I connect with you at the place that is our Creator within’.

Thanks Rich!


2 responses to “Ok God-I Forgive You

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  1. Thank you for challenging me to look more deeply at my beliefs.

    “The god in me honors, respects, cares for and loves the god in you.”

  2. You are very welcome. Thank you for the inspiration!

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