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Farmers sue Monsanto for planting freedom          

As we move into transition there will be a transfiguration of all the power-over systems we currently endure. We can see the financial sector’s transfiguration underway globally, we can note the Western medical system caving in under the weight of treatment costs manipulated by Big Pharma, and recently we have begun witnessing the fall of the giant of the GMO agribusiness.    Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Canada’s approval method for this GMO is a travesty           

Monsanto and Health Canada seem to be cooperating in regard to the introduction of new genetically engineered foods onto the Canadian market without any further health safety assessments than those already done.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

How to rate petfood value         

Many of us are more generous with our pets than ourselves. Consumers seem to be sparing no expense in their pet food purchases but few actually understand the labeling rules on ingredients and often believe manufacturers claims. Use knowledge and awareness here too.     Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Microchipping soon a requirement of health care?          

With the advent of more wireless monitoring equipment, hospitals may soon begin to routinely microchip hospital patients. The microchip sensors being used are often referred to as “electronic tattoos” that can attach to human skin and stretch and move without breaking. Subdermal mircochips used in animals however, have been shown to cause diseases, so we advise using awareness if confronted with a smiling nurse and a microchip.     Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

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