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A story not being told: Zuccotti park protest

Have you checked your newspaper and found ANY news about the ‘Day of Rage’ protest that has grown to more organized encampment in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street?   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Total wireless world being touted

A wireless industry spokesperson is seeking support for more approvals of more pervasive sensing technologies, touting the health cost benefits but ignoring the dangers.    Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

 Solar energy switching improved

A team of eight innovative researchers is using renewable energy to generate an agile power distribution system. As we move through transition and experience transfiguration in services from government – including taking responsibility for our home’s supply of energy – hurdles to use have to be overcome. This could be one way of revising the power grid limitations that exist at the moment.    Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

We co-create with sound the same everywhere on Earth

Studies have shown there are certain musical patterns that are common not only to various musical genres, but also across cultures. We know sound is at the basis of all co-creation. Researchers have recently discovered that these common traits we share with all other human beings – the way we employ sound for co-creation with the cosmos — may come from constraints to the function of our physical form. Those constraints actually determine the way people sing, so we all create with sound the same way. And, they have made that discovery from an unlikely source: song birds.  Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

Book explores agriculture/architecture marriage

Pure Leadership is about taking responsibility for ourselves. That’s why we are repeatedly providing details on growing our own food close to our homes in the columns here at PNN. A new book by three Ryerson University researchers offers artistically interesting design solutions for incorporating your home as your garden, how to foster communities of likeminded people in this regard and thus provide more people with immediate access to fresh, healthful ingredients to their diet.   Navigate to the Pure News Network or click for it here.

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