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A Lesson in Expectations-Kandis Twa

For the last week I’ve been paying attention to or, being consciously aware of the signs of miracles. I’ve seen a lot of rainbows this week. Curiously I didn’t see any of the other three signs but reflecting on it now, I can see that what I was focused on most were rainbows. One of my favourites from the week I actually got a picture of.

This box contained a shipment of our fourth book Lift the Veils to Reality, of which we had recently sold out. This lack of inventory sort of snuck up on us and we were in a rush to get more in stock so that we could meet our orders. Our printer told us we would have to wait 15 business days (an eternity!) for more books. On Friday these boxes showed up with our full order-just five days after placing the order!! The printer told me they had an unexpected cancellation and our order went to the front of the line!! This rainbow was shining right inside of the box when I opened it-miracle in a box!

The second miracle I wanted to share is related to this photo:

A friend of mine sent this to me early in the week. It made me smile and I thought how timely it was seeing as how I was doing my best to pay attention to miracles! Later that day I was at lunch  at one of my favourite restaurants and I had an experience which complimented this photo.

Here is what I wrote in my journal about it:

“Had lunch on my own today, and was seated beside a large table of women my age. Here I am trying to have a quiet ‘working lunch’ and I was worried that their conversation would be loud and distracting. Well, here’s what happened, and I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed this before; their entire conversation was positive, constructive and loving! When does that ever happen with a group of women?! “

I was blown away. Here I had just been sent an email reminding me not to “Give up on people” which, I take to mean, don’t judge them, and then I was provided with a perfect experience of how my judgements create expectations around my experiences.

The Dali Lama defines a miracle as “anything that is unexpected”. What we know about expectations is that they constrain the possibilities of an experience. If I have expectations about a certain experience, chances are that that experience will unfold in the exact manner in which I expect. This would make it very difficult for a miracle to get into any of your experiences if they are locked down by expectation. In my lunchtime example, the shroud of my expectations had been momentarily lifted because of the email I had read; that was just enough for grace to come flooding in and for me to see “a miracle of the unexpected”. So, focus on miracles, invite them in and you will see them show up.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It will inspire me to look for rainbows more carefully. Thank you

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