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Keep cell phones away from your children

A scholarly study on cell phone safety has found that cell phones used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed safe exposure guidelines and that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults.  To read in full, click here.

With awareness diabetes can be combatted

To raise the public interest in diabetes, November has been declared Diabetes Awareness Month. And while talking the number projected victims might be considered fear-generating, those of us with awareness know we can combat diabetes with some energetic and some physical choices.  To read in full, click here.

Disrupted light/dark cycle causes jet lag

In the new book series editions that are currently being written by Jas Malcolm, rhythms of nature and the universe are studied and theories about how we can advance our intention by timing our meditative efforts to the rhythms of the cosmos are explored. Scientists are now showing how this theory of using cosmic cycles may be spot on.  To read in full, click here.

Forests found to be greater CO2 sinks than previously thought

Earth, as well as everyone habiting Earth, is in the process of transition. The Earth is actually cleansing and rebuilding, core crystals are functioning again, and a healthier planet is emerging into our reality. Scientists are shocked to find that their assumptions about the planet are being challenged by newly discovered facts such as this one: North American forests appear to have a greater capacity to soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas than any scientists had previously anticipated.  To read in full, click here.

 Protests will create more independent journalism

After a very active weekend of sympathetic “Occupy” protests around the world – most of them very peaceful — it was interesting to note what we at PNN observed a month ago when we started providing daily coverage. The mainstream media was forced into coverage and has been forced to change the coverage slant from frequently denigrating articles to pieces almost supportive. We think public sympathy is at the root of the change, not support.  To read in full, click here.

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