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Sugar-free beverages may be a dental trap

One of our PNN readers recently said we are “harping too much about the problems with sugar”. We disagree. The public is bathed in multi-million dollar ad campaigns to promote consumption. Offering voice to the contrary helps promote awareness about the negative impacts of refined white sugar on the physical. The same goes for sugar replacements in ‘soda pop’ as this Finnish research proves.  To read in full, click here.

Chia seed hype mostly true

It’s all the rage. Called a ‘super food’, chia seed claims about healthful benefits are incredible. PNN took a look and we have to say there is evidently a lot of truth in the claims. If you have not examined chia seeds for your diet, you may wish to do so, but remember to drink your water.  To read in full, click here

Now we’ve heard – or not heard – everything

A pet food manufacturer is using high-frequency noises aimed at canines which are inaudible to humans. Their objective is to make owners feel they have a stronger bond with their pets.  To read in full, click here.   

Moving to the beat helps us with rhythm

Why we do move when we hear good music? Researchers have found that tapping to the beat measurably enriches the listening experience, broadening our capacity to understand timing and rhythm.  To read in full, click here.  

Hong Kong swim revived

For the first time in 33 years, Hong Kong Harbour was opened to swimmers last Sunday. Previous high pollution in the waters made the swim impractical.  To view a video, click here.  

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